All our jewellery pieces are designed and manufactured by Larissa Cuturi in her studio in the heart of Vienna.

For the Lara Lici designs we exclusively use high-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, 14kt gold, precious stones, baroque pearls, corals, shells and silk yarns. These are processed with high precision and attention to detail. Due to their nature, Lara Lici jewellery is delicate and should be worn with care.

In order to keep your Lara Lici jewellery for a long time,
we recommend to follow the following care tips:

  • Do not spray perfume (it contains alcohol) directly on your jewelry;
  • Be careful when using make-up as it can contaminate the silk yarns;
  • Do not expose the silk yarns to direct sunlight for long periods of time;
  • Do not drop your jewellery – the pieces may break;
  • Your Lara Lici chains of gems should be stored flat;
  • Clean your gemstone jewellery at regular intervals (e.g. with a fibre-free cloth);
  • So that the silver pieces look like new even after years, you should wear them as often as possible;
  • As further protection against silver tarnishing, you can also place a piece of chalk near the silver pieces or alternatively use a silver cleaning cloth for jewellery;
  • Do not wear your jewellery while sleeping, doing sports, swimming or doing any physical work;
  • Try to avoid water and soap contact;
  • Keep your jewellery in the Lara Lici jewellery box and out of the reach of small children.