Lara Lici stands for individual design, wearing comfort and high-quality materials. All pieces of jewellery are made by hand with love in Vienna and shipped worldwide.

Larissa Cuturi, founder and designer of the Lara Lici label, first studied and worked as a lawyer. After a Master in Fashion Management at the renowned University of Bocconi in Milan, she gained experience in the fashion sector.

Larissa Cuturi developed the idea for Lara Lici even then. She experimented with different materials and learned different techniques with the aim to design the perfect jewellery for modern women – a mix of wearing comfort and timeless fashionable elegance.

It is important to her that her jewellery is not only outstanding, elegant and beautiful, but above all pleasant to wear – with the aim of making the fashion-conscious woman of the world look elegant and happy all day long.

The sea is both a source of inspiration and a source of reference. It is the supporting anchor, the link between the different collections. Inspired by the marine fauna, Larissa Cuturi works with natural materials such as shells, corals and pearls.

“I love the sea and its diversity. It started early. Already as a child I collected shells from the beach and have kept them until today. When I was looking for light materials for my collections, it quickly became clear that shells would play a major role.“

By combining these materials with high-quality fabrics and silk yarns in different ways, Larissa Cuturi creates a wide range of colours – from light pastel shades to trendy, colourful designs. Silver and gold lend the jewellery its exclusiveness. Lara Lici jewellery is as individual as the characters of its wearers.

The respective designs of the jewellery pieces are available in limited editions. Sometimes they are also unique pieces. In order to guarantee exclusivity and avoid overproduction, each order is made individually by hand. The production of the individual and high-quality pieces of jewellery goes beyond the concept of classic fashion jewellery. Rather, the craftsmanship and the examination of the different materials and the resulting designs are in the foreground.

Lara Lici jewellery is produced in the studio and showroom of the label in the heart of Vienna. Showroom visits are possible at any time. Inquiry to