Our suppliers are smaller European manufacturing companies. It is particularly important to us that we know each supplier personally and are in regular contact with them. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of our Lara Lici jewellery.


For our Lara Lici jewellery we use 100% natural silk, which is obtained exclusively from the high-quality middle piece (reel silk) of the silk cocoon thread. Our silk is characterized by its characteristic shine and tear resistance and feels wonderfully soft and gentle.


Many of our jewellery pieces have intermediate parts made of silver. Silver has the positive property not to oxidize in air. After a long time, however, discoloration occurs. This is a natural process and not a quality defect. So that the silver parts look like new even after years, you should wear them as often as possible. The oils on your skin prevent your piece of jewellery from tarnishing.


The basis of our gold plated jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver. For the 14 carat gold plating we use a 10 milliem plating (this is the proportion by weight of fine gold in our jewellery). However, this finish can also fade over time, which is why you should store it carefully and follow our care tips.


For our Gala collection we use high quality gemstones. These are carefully selected by our suppliers and processed with attention to detail in Vienna.


The shells, corals and baroque pearls are hand-picked by us and our suppliers and, with a few exceptions, come from Europe. Some special shells and baroque pearls are imported from Southeast Asia. The shells we use are not subject to any species protection or trade restrictions.

If you have any questions about the care of your Lara Lici jewellery, you can also read here or contact us at any time at