Our Lara Lici jewellery is handmade with great attention to detail. Therefore we do not stop with the production and repair gladly your Lara Lici jewellery should it have gone broken.

For repairs, please send us a photo of your jewellery and the corresponding order number or invoice by email to This way we can better imagine the damage and find a solution for the repair. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss all further details.

Please note that depending on the repair effort and spare parts required, material and repair costs will be incurred. Should the damage be due to a product defect, the repair is of course free of charge.

Repairs usually take 2-4 weeks.


Please pay the shipping of the parcel in advance, as unfree returned parcels will not be accepted and automatically sent back to you.


Send the jewel to

Lara Lici e.U.

Stiftgasse 19/7
1070 Vienna

It is best to mark the package with the inscription “REPAIR” and attach your contact details (name and postal address) to the package.

Please also make sure to pack the jewellery neatly and break-proof – the best way is to place it in your Lara Lici jewellery box and pack it in a small shipping box.

Make sure not to send your piece of jewellery in an envelope, otherwise the shells will break.